Sunday, September 5, 2010

GNU Emacs Starter Kit

I have tried several text editors before - vim, Kate, notepad++ and some others. But I didn't find the editor, that had such power as Emacs. GNU Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-documented and cross-platformed text editor. Emacs text editor are most popular with software developers, just like me. And I found some fun and cool features in this editor for me.

But Emacs is annoying for the first blush. To improve that situation I have installed Emacs Starter Kit. The main killing feature of Starter Kit is the package installer. Also you can find useful predefined key bindings and packages. All is ready out of box.

Official Site of GNU Emacs -

Instruction for installing Emacs Starter Kit -


  1. Yep, emacs is great... but for Lisp (and lisp-like languages). I think, you do not code Java\Android\etc using emacs?

  2. I'm using Emacs for Python-development and org-mode for everything else. )