Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vimium - Hacker's browser

Vimium is Google Chrome and Chromium extension, which brings Vim-like navigation to your browser. You can install it from Chrome Web Store or from a source code.

Once you have Vimium installed, you can see this list of key bindings at any time by typing ?.
Here the list of default keys:
h scroll left 
j scroll down 
k scroll up 
l scroll right 
gg scroll to top of the page 
G scroll to bottom of the page 
d scroll down half a page 
u scroll up half a page 
f open a link in the current tab 
F open a link in a new tab 
r reload 
gs view source 
yy copy the current url to the clipboard
o Open URL, bookmark, or history entry
/ enter find mode -- type your search query and hit enter to search or esc to cancel 
n cycle forward to the next find match 
N cycle backward to the previous find match
H go back in history 
L go forward in history
J, gT go one tab left 
K, gt go one tab right 
t create tab 
x close current tab

You may remap or unmap any of the default key bindings in the "Key mappings" section under "Advanced Options" on the options page.

See video with details:

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