Thursday, January 12, 2012

Light gray color schema for VIM

I got bored with default dark desert color schema in VIM. So I decided to get some light gray color schema in Internet, but I didn't find any usable for me schema. Only "Peak Sea Color" schema was near of my wishes. And after several attempts of adopting this schema, I got the color schema which is satisfied me a lot. I made changes only for light background case. May be somebody will be interesting with this color schema. You can get this color schema from my GitHub repository - Enjoy.

To enable the scheme, you need put the peaksea.vim in your $HOME/.vim/colors/ (or %HOME%\vimfiles\colors for Windows) and put in ~/.vimrc the following:

if !has("gui_running")
    set t_Co=256
set background=light

colorschema peaksea

UPDATE: I found very useful website, where you can create custom color schema for VIM -


  1. (or %HOME%\vimfiles\colors for Windows)
    Г-Вим под виндой - некошерно. Только Vi!

  2. Thank you for the theme. Just one question: what language (or better to say syntax-coloring) are you using it for? Asking, because for some reasons the same theme could be nice for Ruby, but awfull for C or something. But I'll give a try that one.

    >Г-Вим под виндой - некошерно. Только Vi!

    Как раз vi под вендой -- тихий ужас. Лучше уж гвим. Хотя, что тот, что другой ужасны под вендой, сравнивая их с работой в Linux (mac). У меня постоянно вис gvim, так и не нашел причины почему.

    1. Yes, I agree with you - the language is matter. I'm using this color schema for Python-development mostly and regular text editing of course.

      I don't know any issues with Windows, because I'm not using it at all )))